Lindquist Steels

A Brief Introduction

Lindquist Steels is the Tool Steel & Specialty Materials Division of Chapin & Bangs Co.

Since 1944, Lindquist Steels has been dedicated to providing only the finest quality tool steel and specialty metals to the demanding tooling, mold making, automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense industries.

Established in 1888, The Chapin & Bangs Company is a premier steel service center with a deep and extensive inventory and a focus on quality and fast delivery. Over the past century, Chapin & Bangs has expanded its product line embraced new technologies, and built a reputation for dependable customer service.

Together, Lindquist Steels and Chapin & Bangs provide one of the most comprehensive assortments of materials and value-added services of any service center. Our experience and capabilities allow us to be uniquely positioned to support manufacturers in nearly all of their steel requirements.

In September of 2019, Lindquist Steels and Chapin & Bangs officially merged together. This has enabled us to maximize efficiencies and make it easier for our valued customers to purchase all of the materials in one place.

Our foray into 3D Additive Powder Metals has been the result of several years of research, direct discussions with customers, and long-standing relationships with the highest quality producing mills.

Additive Manufacturing with printable metal powders is the perfect complement to existing manufacturing methods utilized by our customers.

We have carefully cultivated a selection of advanced additive powdered metals that fulfills existing requirements but will also allow you to expand your capabilities.

We look forward to speaking with you about your next challenge.