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Durable High Strength Additive Metal Powders For Every Requirement Ranging from Prototype to Production

All of our products are produced by industry-leading mills who have deep knowledge of the requirements and demands surrounding a successful part build as well as a long, rich history in the production of specialty steel.

Our materials are stored in a controlled environment, fully certified, and ready for fast delivery.

We can supply certain grades in as small as 1 Kg containers and up to drum quantities.

Our typical packaging is 10 Kg durable sealed containers.

We can also handle special packaging requests.


Our Products

DAPTM-AM HTC Advanced High Performance Powders

This family of high hardness advanced additive powders offers groundbreaking performance and versatility not found in other materials.

These powders have been painstakingly produced and engineered to excel in high wear and high stress applications, as well ones that require high thermal conductivity and optimized conformal cooling.

The applications include die cast dies/molds, plastic molds, tools, dies, fixtures, gages, engineered tools, and so much more.



DAPTM-AM HTC40 is an advanced High Thermal Conductivity true tool steel additive powder capable of a maximum hardness of 45 HRC.
DAPTM-AM HTC40 has been engineered for higher strength, high consistency, and repeatability. It's easily printable and has equal to or superior physical properties to similar conventional materials.
DAPTM-AM HTC40 is an innovative tooling grade that has been painstakingly developed for Die Cast & Injection Mold components, fixtures, wear components, and other tooling related applications.
When printed correctly DAPTM-AM HTC40 has vastly superior thermal conductivity compared to maraging steel and is less prone to cracking than regular H13 additive powder.
Key aspects of DAPTM-AM HTC40 are:
-Superior Thermal Conductivity
-Excellent Toughness At Hardness
-Ease of Printing
-Simple Cost & Time Effective Heat Treatment

DAP-AM HTC 40 Tool Image 1


DAPTM-AM HTC45 has been developed with the same care and attention to detail as the DAPTM-AM HTC45.
A high quality, high thermal conductivity specialty tool steel powder with a maximum hardness of 50 HRC, while still delivering excellent physical properties.
DAPTM-AM HTC45 has been specifically designed for use in high-performance Plastic Molds and Die Cast Dies/Molds, wear components, and other tooling related applications where a higher operating hardness is required.
Key aspects of DAPTM-AM HTC45 are:
-Superior Thermal Conductivity
-Excellent Toughness At Hardness
-Ease of Printing
-Simple Cost & Time Effective Heat Treatment



A high quality, high thermal conductivity engineered tool steel powder that has been specially designed for high-performance diecast & plastic injection mold pins and components as well as high hardness cores & cavities. This grade is capable of a maximum hardness of 52 HRC.
Limited availability at this time. Please contact us for more information regarding HTC 50

Other Available Materials

Please contact us about other available grades such as 17-4PH, 316L, 304L, and other. We have the capability to supply these and others. Please speak with us about your specific applications and requirements. Together we can best develop a solution that works for you.


Custom Build Plates

Due to our expansive inventory of wrought steel materials and our unique in-house equipment, we can produce custom build/base plates for your Additive Printers quickly and cost-effectively.

These plates can be produced from a number of available grades in squares, rectangles, and custom shapes, with hold-down holes or without.

To learn more, please contact us. To see the available materials, please go to our website.

Please check back often as we will be bringing in additional materials soon.

DAPTM-AM HTC40,45&50 are registered trademarks of Daido Steel Metal Powder Division. Lindquist Steels/Chapin & Bangs are authorized distributors of the Daido Steel Group. US Patent #10,975,460 B2